Engineering & Prototyping

Proudly Serving All of North America’s Custom Spring and Prototyping Needs!

At Peninsula Spring, we understand that our customer’s time is just as important as their parts. That is why our company is built around our spring engineering capabilities. We go to great lengths to assure that your parts not only perform as needed, but also perform reliably. As your premier spring provider, we are in an ideal location to serve the Silicon Valley, California and the rest of the United States. Peninsula Spring is located in Gilroy, California. We proudly serve all of North America’s custom spring engineering needs.

Spring Prototyping

Although springs are among the least complicated and least expensive parts on any device, they typically play an integral role in a parts overall functionality. Springs are frequently “designed” by some sort of crude guesswork. Often, they are selected out of a stock catalog because they look like they could potentially fit the intended application. Methods such as these can often prove costly, especially on the production line, or through an expensive re-design/re-build process. Many of our customers have experienced issues with off-the-shelf springs that were improperly suited to their application. If the proper time was initially spent engineering springs, the customer could have saved valuable time and money.

Custom Product Engineering and Prototyping

Due to our extensive experience in engineering springs, wire forms and sheet metal stampings; we are able to help our customers develop springs to their exact specifications. We can help with fitment, load requirements, longevity, material and plating selection. If there is a current spring that you are currently having difficulties with, we can assist you with that as well! For years, Peninsula Spring has been winning over new customers by helping them out of inconvenient situations. Our experience, practicality and common sense driven mentality make us the most highly regarded spring engineers in the industry.  

Spring Engineering Customized to Fit Your Needs

You don’t have to have a degree in spring engineering and design to speak with us! We understand that spring design isn’t common knowledge. Therefore, we don’t judge you based on your knowledge in our field. No matter your profession, we are here to serve you. Service is our specialty!

Reliable & Experienced

Our company is committed to providing best-in-class products for a variety of industries and applications.